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253 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON, M4M


We are a Toronto-based furniture store with a love for design and craftsmanship. We explore Ontario and beyond for unique items for the home that are folky, handmade and well-made. Whether antique, vintage or newly crafted, we are sure you will find a treasure for wherever you call home.
The more rustic or colourful the better! 

Our Blog

Our journal of ideas and inspiration for your space

Colour Soaked Granada

Matt Hodgins

Founded in 1524 Granada, Nicaragua is rich in history, colonial architecture and colour! Our recent trip there proved to be very inspiring for so many different reasons. Walking down the tiled and sun-soaked streets of picture perfect buildings in every shade imaginable was like being a kid in a candy store.

Below are some photos we took of a few of the unique and vibrant entryways of homes and businesses in Granada - I wish I had the time to take a 100 more!


Styling your vintage finds

Matt Hodgins

Transform your vintage pieces to suit your home decor by incorporating existing items and thinking outside the box about how you can repurpose your unique finds! Below are some examples of how you can transform one piece to fit into your current look or mood.

entryway school desk
theatre seats
school desk
boho theatre seats

Havana Inspiration for your Home

Matt Hodgins

Goodfolk inspiration from Havana - for your home. 

We took a trip to Cuba a few years ago, and were stunned at the beauty in the decay of Havana. The vibrant colours, crumbling plaster walls, rusted signs and just about everything else in Havana were unlike any other city I have visited. Going through the film from our trip I choose some Goodfolk vintage pieces that bring back the feeling of old Havana that we experienced!

Vintage ornate birdcages, rustic farmhouse benches, hand forged copper pots, colourful enamelware, wooden tool boxes, ochre painted furniture pieces - just some of the pieces you can bring home to get some Cuban flavour in your decor.


Holiday Hours

Matt Hodgins

Our adjusted hours for the holiday season, I hope we get to see you before the Christmas break! Happy Holidays and the Very Best in the New Year to all!


Holiday Decorating with GOODFOLK

Matt Hodgins

Using vintage pieces in your holiday decor can add a unique touch to your home.  Whether rustic or refined - take a look at some pieces you may already have and repurpose them with fresh greenery to add a festive touch.  

vintage trophies
vintage ornaments
metal buckets

Goodfolk Holiday Gift Guide

Matt Hodgins


It's that time of year where it is better to give than receive...but of course there are no rules against giving to yourself as well:)  We have lots of unique goodies both handmade and vintage that will easily put you on the nice list this Christmas.


Goodfolk West-End visit

Matt Hodgins

We are coming to the west end! To the Great Hall to be exact. Sunday September 28 from 10am - 5pm come and visit us along with other great Toronto vendors at 1087 Queen St W.  

The Post Market has created a curated shopping event to kick-start your fall treasure hunting. We will be bringing tons of vintage and handmade goodies for all! 

Come and spend your Sunday with us!

Goodfolk Post Market

Back to School Decorating

Matt Hodgins

Boooo back to school, YAY to decorating your space for school ! Lockers, desks, school maps, and other fun vintage and handmade goods to fill your space with good vibes to ace those tests!

About The Store

Matt Hodgins

We officially opened our store, GOODFOLK, on June 18, 2014.

June 18th was the end of exactly a year-long journey of renovating our space and the beginning of the next phase of running and owning our very own store at 253 Broadview Ave. Walking into the once humble charity shop space for the first time we saw a lot of potential but also a lot of work and learning ahead of us.

We are very proud of how we were able to transform the space and extremely grateful for all the hard work and guidance our family and friends provided along the way. We are very lucky we have such helpful, smart and talented people close to us that were willing to give up their time to help us make our vision a reality.

Thank you everyone who lent a hand!